Tank cleaning in the vehicle washing system of the company KOVOPROGRESS takes place in the closed and supervised complex of the company Čepro a.s., fuel distribution depot, and also of the bonded store of Střelice at the same time, in the engineering facility of these Čepro premises, where the Čepro tank truck filling terminal is separated from the engineering facility area.

In addition to the KOVOPROGRESS vehicle washing system, the following companies cooperate and offer their services to our client in the Čepro engineering facility area:


Čepro a.s., PS - 09 Střelice

A fuel distribution depot of high capacity and a bonded fuel store

A fuel filling station at the Čepro complex

Čepro fire emergency unit

An accredited laboratory

A NON STOP supervised lay-by inside the complex

The outside car-park is intended especially for tank trucks of the Čepro filling terminal, but can temporarily be used for vehicles before and after cleaning in the KOVOPROGRESS vehicle washing system if there is any free capacity.


WILLIG s.r.o.

A specialized tank truck service station

WILLIG s.r.o. carries out all repairs of tank vehicles and dry-bulk tanks, periodical ADR tank tests, pressure test of dry-bulk tank pressure vessels, repairs of tank truck measuring system electronics, special welding of aluminium and stainless tanks and dry-bulk tanks, and repairs and reconstructions of tank truck chassis aggregates; keeps ample spare part stock for ADR Class 3 tank trucks; etc.

If any technical problems are identified on tanks being cleaned by KOVOPROGRESS, thanks to its specialization WILLIG assists in solving them.


ACIS s.r.o.

Repairs, service and official calibration of tank truck measuring systems and stationary fuel dispensing pumps and the servicing of filling station technologies


IMPS a.s.

Repairs of vehicle chassis units, WABCO servicing

A service group who can arrive to solve vehicle defects in the region is available by agreement