Introductory Information about the Company

KOVOPROGRESS, spol. s r. o. was founded in 1994. The main program of the company is MAINLY the specialized cleaning of the internal surfaces of tank truck tanks, i.e. the cleaning of tank semi-trailers, trailers, containers and dry-bulk tanks, further completed with an external surface washing service for these tanks.


The company carries out tank truck cleaning in the cleaning and washing system building which is situated in the engineering facility premises of the fuel distribution depot of Čepro a.s., Distribution Depot – Střelice u Brna ( ).

In 2006, KOVOPROGRESS was one of the founding members of the Czech Association of Cleaning Stations ( ). In 2007, the company was audited successfully by MOODY International CZ ( ) according to the SQAS rules. In 2010, the company was recertified according to the SQAS very successfully again and will also continue to undergo regular certifications in future.


Tank cleaning is carried out according to the SQAS standards and the EFTCO guidelines, with as high quality of the required degree of cleaning cleaned substances off tanks permitted from the technological and safety viewpoints as possible every time and ecologically and environmentally friendly to a maximum degree every time.


The result of every successful cleaning confirmed by an inspection carried out in person by the tank truck driver is the subsequent issuance of an ECD.

With regard to its location, at the junction of the Prague (CZ) – Brno (CZ) – Bratislava (SK) – the direction of Olomouc and (PL) and Vienna (A) motorways, its cleaning capacity and many years’ experience in the field of tank cleaning, the KOVOPROGRESS vehicle washing system is traditionally and widely used by many European forwarding companies. The company is pleased to provide them with its services and thanks them for their many years’ confidence shown and past and future cooperation.