Company Data

Brief description of the vehicle washing system possibilities

  • Tank cleaning is performed in the vehicle washing system building, equipped with one through washing line, divided into the ADR substance cleaning section and the non-ADR substance and food cleaning section.

  • The main cleaning medium is always drinking and chemically treated water; the water hardness is maintained to have a value of up to 0.1 (German degree, dH).
    (Used, recycled water is not used for cleaning tanks!)

  • Source of hot water

    of a temperature of 70 (°C)

7 x Kränzle unit

  • Source of steam

    of a temperature of 150 (°C)

2 x Certuss 300 steam generator

  • Cleaning gyroscopic heads
5 x
  • Steam connection
4 x
  • High-pressure pump 11 (bar)
1 x
  • Cleaning substances used

Certified every time

  • Technological cleaning processes

Approved by cleaning substance manufacturers every time, according to the technological requirements of the client who has ordered cleaning and according to the categories of the substances to be cleaned off and the requirements for the degree of cleaning
  • Rescribing disinfection

Recorded; disinfection types are changed when tank cleaning is repeated

  • Tank drying after washing
1 x hot air generator
  • Ecological waste disposal
100 % of all wastes produced by the vehicle washing system are disposed ecologically, environmentally friendly to a maximum degree
  • Document of cleaning performed
When an inspection of a cleaning result is carried out by the vehicle washing system workers, the driver is called upon to carry out an inspection of the cleaned tank truck. If the cleaning result corresponds to the required condition according to the “Order for Cleaning”, the driver takes over the cleaned tank as clean and the vehicle washing system workers issue an ECD. By undersigning and taking over the ECD, the tank truck driver confirms that he or she has carried out the inspection of tank cleaning in person, professionally and properly, approved it and took thereby the cleaned tank over and assumes the responsibility for it after leaving the vehicle washing system, fully according to the EFTCO guidelines.